At YesWe Authentic Designs, we celebrate the unique amalgam of tradition and modernity paired with the vibrant colours of India. While the saree is considered the epitome of Indian grace, the Kurti is a symbol of flexibility and elegance.

Our collection is inspired by the modern Indian woman who juggles tradition with professionalism every day. Our wide variety of designs and fabrics ensure that there is something for everyone.

Here are some of the Kurtis from our collection:

Flowy Linen Kurtis

Hot day? Pick one of our ultra soothing cotton or flowy linen Kurtis for those summer days where you want to feel as light as a cloud.

Designer Kurtis

Headed for a party? We have a whole collection of beautifully embellished designer Kurtis that can be paired with a churidar or a flowy lehenga for an elegant look.

Front slit Kurtis

Looking for something trendy to wear to a girls’ day out? Our collection of front slit Kurtis look great with palazzo pants.

Simple patterned Kurtis

Our simple patterned Kurtis can be used as economical office wear or for small get-togethers.

Asymmetrical Kurtis

If understated chic is your style, our wide variety of asymmetrical Kurtis ooze sophistication and modern elegance.

Indo-Western collection

For those who aren’t quite ready to give their Western wear up, our Indo-Western collection brings together elements of Indian tradition and Western comfort to give you the best of both worlds.

Angrakha Kurtis

If you want to pick something more traditional, our Angrakha Kurtis which are inspired by historical musicians’ dresses lend a magnificent aura that will take you back to the courts of royalty.


Ethnic wear is witnessing an interesting revamp in recent times, and we at YesWe Authentic Designs are constantly experimenting to bring fresh ideas to balance the tandem between traditionality and modernity.