Black Kurti might not be the most interesting type of clothing in your closet, but you definitely can make it stand out by styling it the right way. Below are some ways you could flaunt your black Kurti without too much effort but still end up looking stylish:

  1. Classic Denim

If you’re not into wearing denim, then it’s high time that you use them as they would perfectly fit any black Kurti, especially a skin fit one that reaches the ankle. What’s great about this combination is that you can use any color of denim and you’d look super stylish. What’s more, you can wear this combination for any casual occasion. Just pair this look with jhumkas, bracelets, and a stunning pair of shoes and you’re ready to slay.

  1. Colorful Blazer or Coat

For a more festive look, simply adding a colorful blazer or coat over you black Kurti will already transform it from plain to chic. If you want a modern look to this combination, denim with and an embellished coat would look stunning. For a more traditional approach, you can pair your black Kurti with a coat and a patiyala; this would not only look ethic for you but fabulous as well.

  1. Stylish Bottoms

A Kurti would be complete with a stunning bottom to pair it with. How would you know what bottoms to pair with your black Kurti though? Well, basically anything would do – palazzos, stripped jeans, harem pants, culottes, and the like. And because a black Kurti is versatile as it can be paired with any color or pattern, you’ll never run out of options. There’s only minimal effort done here as well, and you’d get to look trendy and feel comfortable all day, making it an attire that’s ideal to wear every day.

  1. Cute Skirt

A black Kurti would also look utterly feminine and stylish when paired with a cute skirt. This combination would be ideal during casual and formal occasions. Just about any plain and colored skirt would blend well with a black Kurti. Embellished or printed skirts would also do well. Just make sure the skirt is below the Kurti, preferably near the ankles, to have that flowy and charming vibe.

  1. Chic Dupatta

The last one in our list is leaning more on the traditional side. With your black Kurti, find a black bottom to go with it too – it doesn’t matter what kind of cut your Kurti is as this look is flexible as well. Then, get yourself a dupatta, one that has a contrasting color and bold designs, especially when your bottom and Kurti are plain. Just wear some ethnic earrings, some bangles, and an adorable pair of flat shoes, and you’re already good to go.

There definitely are many exciting ways to add personality to your regular black Kurti. Fashion, after all, is a matter of fun and creativity. As long as you’re happy and comfortable, you can easily look fashionable.


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