Palazzos are one of the most stylish and flexible types of trousers we have today. Because of its loose and wide nature, it’s very comfortable to wear as well, making it a go-to clothing article that’s worn by a lot of women.

If you’re one who loves to wear a palazzo, you’ve probably wondered what styles you can pair with it. So, to give you some ideas, below are some of the modern ways you could rock out these awesome trousers with style and grace:


Casual Palazzo Wear

As palazzos are known for their coolness when worn, it’s surely great when used for your everyday attire. For a casual look, you can simply wear a plain or printed palazzo with dark colors. You can pair it with a light blazer or jacket to complete that chic look. As you’re wearing dark colors, you can pair this look with a contrasting or bright pair of shoes for a pop of color and a matching tote bag to not only stylized you but to also provide convenience during your day-to-day trips.


Formal Palazzo Getup

If you’re attending a formal event soon, for instance, a wedding, you don’t have to buy new clothes if you already have a silky palazzo with you. Opt for neutral or light colors for your palazzo and pair it with a top that complements the tone of the pants. Usually, white tops are great. Style your whole look with some classic accessories – heels that match your entire getup and matching earrings and a handbag to go.


Silk Palazzo Party Outfit

Now, if you’re attending a party soon, one good way to feel comfortable all day is by wearing a silk palazzo. A silk one, just like as mentioned above, is ideal for occasions such as events like weddings and parties because it keeps you airy and feeling light the entire day. With a silk palazzo, you can pair it with a sheer top, ideally light in color. And to fully accessorize your look, add in some chunky bangles, earrings, and necklace. With all of these, you’re surely ready to party and have a blast.


Slitted Palazzo Summer Look

When summer comes, you’re surely going to feel the intense heat of the sun. Thus, a palazzo, ideally one that’s slitted and has a flowery or summery print, would surely complement your summer getup. Slitted palazzos are great when they’re high-waist. However, don’t forget to pair it with an equally stunning pair of shoes, particularly strappy ones. For the upper wear, plain and light-colored off-shoulders and crop tops would be perfect to complete your summer look.  


Sporty Palazzo Attire

The last one in our list is an attire for the sporty ladies out there. Who would have known that a palazzo can be worn as a sports attire?  Just use a plain palazzo but with side stripes – in this way, you’re like wearing track-like pants. With this, you can pair it with a sports bra or a comfy shirt for that sporty attire look. Match everything with a good pair of running shoes, and you’re all set to do your workout routine.

 Article By: April Ann Q.


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