Dupattas have always been a staple in women’s closet, and thanks to the ever-changing dupatta designs, the choices and possibilities are now practically endless. They can now be worn in so many different ways.

However, before we let you in on how you can wear them, we’ll fill you in on what they are.A dupatta, which is also commonly referred to as ‘chunni’, ‘odni’ or ‘chunari’, is basically kind of like the equivalent of a scarf in modern society. However, it’s usually way longer. In the olden days, it was used to symbolize the modesty of a woman.

Here are the different ways of how to wear a dupatta in style:

1. Drape Around

The dupatta draping method not only keeps you warm, but it gives you a smart look as well. If you are working with big linen or cotton dupattas, here is something that will help you take away a bit of attention from the dress.

2. One Arm

This is the ideal technique for those dupattas that have been heavily worked on but still remain sheer. Wear it across your shoulder and then bring it over one arm by spreading it a little. It will look stylish, and it will still also show off the dupatta stylishly as well.

3. Elbow Style

This is the style that makes most girls feel like a royal or queen. In fact, this is something that many people grow up doing. All you need to do to achieve this style is throw your dupatta to your back and then bring it back over the forearm or elbow. It’s the Lehengas’ signature style.

4. High-Neck Style

A typical Punjabi style in the 90s was the high-neck technique. Most people still can’t get enough of it. In fact, since many people wear dupattas not for its functionality, but as a cool prop, this style is still quite famous.

5. Two-Sided

This is a style all mothers really like to do. It looks really fabulous in its own way, and that’s why you can spot this look on the runway too. When you want the dupatta to be a highlight of the overall outfit or when you want to camouflage sleeveless dresses, consider using this great technique. It’s simple and chic.

6. One-Sided

This style entails pinning it up and spreading it over the arm on either side of the shoulders. It’s neat and prim and highlights the dupatta as well. You can choose to do it either on your left or right side. It all depends on what you prefer. This is a style that matches well with plain outfits, particularly Bandhini, Kalamkari, and Phulkari dupattas.

There’s really no wrong or right way of wearing a dupatta because it happens to be a very versatile piece of clothing. With that said, consider trying out a few of the styles highlighted in this article. Find out what suits you best and get your glam factor on.             


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