While shopping Kurtis for summer, the common dilemma that everyone faces is unable to decide if you should choose Cotton Kurtis or Linen Kurtis. Sellers nowadays offer many options in terms of design, cut, stitch, and material. To show off your elegance, Cotton Kurtis or Linen Kurtis are the tried and tested ways to go.  Both have their own pros and cons, and this makes the decision all the more difficult. If there is an option, you cannot go wrong when you choose both. But, if you are in your shopping spree mode to just choose one among the two, the following points may help you make a decision:


Winner: Cotton Kurtis

Steve Jobs once famously said, "My favourite things in life don't cost any money. It's really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time". Although time is the most precious resource, our favourite thing, latest Kurtis do cost us. If it drills down to cost as a deciding criterion, Cotton is a way cheaper option in India when compared to Linen. This is because Cotton is available in abundance and costs almost half the price of Linen.
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For all of us cost-conscious buyers, Cotton Kurtis satisfy the thirst for the lady look yet being purse-friendly.

Feel of the fabric

Winner: Cotton Kurtis

Linen Kurtis are crispier than Cotton Kurtis. Although it feels very supple if handled properly. Linen Kurtis have a silky texture which makes them a head turner when worn. On the other hand, Cotton Kurtis are very soft to touch and comfortable to wear. It is not an exaggeration to say that no other fabric can be felt the same way as Cotton.


Winner: Linen Kurtis

Linen Kurtis have better breathability than the cotton ones. This is because Linen fibres are thicker than the Cotton fibres, allowing the air to pass easily. This keeps the fabric cool and makes it a great option for summer time. Linen is both practical and flexible at the same time, which opens the door for a fancy Kurti too to be made from it as Linen can hold the blend of design and work flawlessly.


Winner: Cotton Kurtis

Cotton Kurtis are more versatile when compared to the Linen ones. You can always find many cotton Kurtis online because this fabric can easily take up any colour and any design. With so many choices available you can easily customize them with different Kurti neck design and textures such as smooth or crisp. Unlike Cotton, Linen does not offer many options when designing a ladies Kurti.


Winner: Linen Kurtis

Linen, being stronger and thicker than Cotton, typically lasts longer. Linen has variable lengths which would prevent your Kurtis from getting damaged.

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Moisture absorbent

Winner: Both Cotton and Linen Kurtis

Both Linen and Cotton are moisture absorbent and that is why they are comfortable to wear in humid weather. Kurtis made from both of these fabrics would absorb sweat easily and would keep you dry in summers. Moreover, Linen also prevents bacterial growth, which usually thrives in sweat.


Winner: Both Cotton and Linen Kurtis

Both Linen and Cotton Kurtis are comfortable to wear and do not cause any irritation. But the thing is, Linen develops a crease in a short span of wearing it. So your Kurti may not look fresh after a few minutes of wearing. But, after a few washes, Linen fabric, usually gets smoother. Hence creases will subside with regular use.

In conclusion, we don't have an ultimate winner as both Linen Kurtis and Cotton Kurtis have their fair share of pros and cons based on the decision-making criterion that is most relevant to you. Both look great and feel comfortable when worn. It drills down to you on what criteria you would like to judge these two classic fabrics on. If there is an option, go for both!

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Article By: Charu Modi | Jaipur.


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